Friday, September 9, 2011

20 years on; Somaliland vows secession is irreversible

The upward hands for hope to have the Holy Grail (recognition) and prosperity are still firm, tireless and relentless. The child that was born with the birth of this young country is no longer an infant, toddler or even in his/her adolescence, but a democracy-fed mature, yet strong enough to vote or express his/her rights freely without coercion. What the world cannot understand is that more than 70% of the roughly 3.5 million strong population of the country are below 40s and today, the above mentioned child is recruited into the different institutions of the government to run with some sort of responsibility. This transformed child will undoubtedly never bow to any externally orchestrated proposals on possible remarriage between the so-called former greater Somalia. 
This is what makes me surprise whenever I hear or see people stressing on non statistical based possibility to have Somalia back together, even if the principle could be correct, their means and approaches to this issue is absolutely expired, off the trail and not coinciding with the status quo. Furthermore, the more years we pass; the greater is how Somaliland would become much stronger and fanatic to what it has decided 20 years back. Every ceremony commemorated on the eve of the national re-affirmation day of Somaliland would add to the value of the nationalistic behavior and mend firmer the people of Somaliland in and around the world.
This is the reality missing from the world at large. One might argue that Somali people share common values, norms, culture, religion and language etc. therefore what binds them together is much greater than what can take them a part! What we are ignoring is that this is common for many countries’ people across the world like gulf Arabian countries, they share what Somali people share but they live, rule and prosper apart. The world is even failing to learn from the ongoing revolutionary waves which have recently engulfed several mega Arabian countries of all time that nothing could be dictated against the will of the people.
As the world witnessed, despite meager resources and the lower literacy levels of the voters__ Somaliland has single handedly held several free and fair elections. Free and fair elections, not according to my personal assessment, but as per the official report of the international election observers, in addition to the report of the National Electoral Commission (SNEC). 

According to the UNDP Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report 2010, Somaliland became 144th country in the political rights and civil liberties out of 208 countries (193 recognized and 15 yet to be recognized countries) , which means that Somaliland has more political rights and civil liberties respect than 64 countries.

Contrary to the widespread deem of that ‘Islam cannot get along with the democracy’; Somaliland is the melting pot of the African tradition, Islamic faith, and the modern democracy. Says the report.
My mission is not to address the success of this young people wading had through the oceanic global dirty political waves based on interest, nepotism and favoritism to spot a place in the world for their home country, but how the world is getting more deviancy about realizing facts there before them. This is what swirling in the stomach of every sensible person who advocates the rights to live in freedom, peace, equality and democracy. These young, hopeful people have promised themselves that nothing could disturb the piece in their mind and not to turn around until the moon shines a head of them (tapping the long awaited full-fledged recognition from the international community).
On May 18th 2011__ Somaliland people in and around the world where in a jubilant and festive mood marking the 20th anniversary of their country. Several demonstrations in solidarity with people of Somaliland and their demand for a full recognition where held in some countries of Europe and North America, the first of its type in the history. Mr. Muhammoud (Silanyo) in his first historic speech as president on the eve of the national day praised his people as a new African democracy blossomed into a beauty and pledged that Somaliland would stay the course and the decision taken 20 years back is absolutely irreversible.
I said this before, but let me repeat it again__ any global vision for mega Somalia is absolutely opaque and like putting humpty dumpty back together. The world must put the right shoes on the right foot and recognize the new democracy emerged from the tiny country in the horn of Africa, as this would never-ever open the Pandora’s Box in the world but instead might bring a lasting solution to the problems of the east African region.

By: Khadar A. Hanan

Doha, Qatar


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