Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soaring Prices of the Primary Goods Could Lead the whole Country into a Yawning Hell

Every human being is subjected to have a prosperous or sustainable life on the bases of his/her activity and creativity or in other words (his/her prescribed portion in life). However, the chances of sustaining life are not always in the hands of the ordinary people in toto but relevant to the level of chances created by both public and private sectors together. One of the world’s hottest current issues for to day is on the scarcity shadowed over the food and oil energy (primary goods) in the global markets; the prices of which have became more dearer than is expected yet on and on. Our people’s life is mainly dependent on the outside world either in income and food. The only bucks in circulation are those sent from the Diaspora. High levels of unemployment and lack of viable opportunities is what forced youth generations to evacuate and take the adventure of illegal immigration that results many drown into the dark oceans.

Somaliland is said to have consisted of 3.5 million strong population according to the latest statistics undertaken by the concerning bodies nationally/internationally, where everyone sustains less than a dollar a day in accordance to the weak per capita income of the country. Today another fear factor has massively faced the nation as a whole i.e. man made inflations on consumer goods. The increase in prices of rice and wheat flour for instance have been remarkably shot up owing to the black and white controversial global market images exported to many developing and under developing nations. According to the latest projections made by World Food Programme (WFP), to make a complete recovery from the global food crisis could take a ten years long time. In fact this may create every mouth and chow an internal insecurity and grip future apprehensions. Our businessmen have extremely exaggerated the risk of inflation, got a chance to freeze food unnecessarily in their bulky go downs keeping the price hotter and acquiring pocket-friendly returns. Apart from the essential commodities imported from abroad included food for life; the other domestically grown (if any) crops and vegetables for daily consumptions have taken the same path in price. No effective consumer protection, no consumer price index and that depicts how the concerned body (the Bureau of Libor Statistics) is completely impotent.

When you observe on the ordinary people, you could see them becoming more and more obsessive about the soaring inflations and what impact it has in the future. In the contrary, when you glance at the government authority runners the situation is absolutely upside down. Peace, peace, peace, peace should be prevalent; every one should maintain peace is the senseless political rhetoric dictated by the government to the uneducated people in an attempt to diverge the reality. Peace should of course be prevalent but by what means? If hunger, starvation, disease, unemployment takes the lead; everyone should obviously know that no peace could be breathed in. Peace starts from the stomach stability; no peace is above the inner peace. Has any politician regardless the president or the party leaders yet adopted a door to door visiting policy to know about the current situations of many natives or are they even sensitising to the dangers(inflation) threatening the lives of many families? Do they yet know that many families do not even lit fire for cooking daily meals? Do they; Do they?

Here is the bottom line; no people are born for hunger, live with disease or straggle with shoddy sellers and inflation mongers (businessmen), but this matter is mainly a human made havoc. On the other hand, it is a financial and ethical strangulation made by our government. Our life stock exportations have been narrowed down to a single buyer (Al-jabiri) and the oil imports had also been monopolized by a single seller (TOTAL). Life stock acts as the crude oil of our country; it is the only source that plays an important role in the country’s economic muscle and balance of payment; it is the only national treasure that we could claim of, but in fact turned into nothing as it is sold at cattle feeding prices in our domestic animal markets and gold prices in the golf animal market arenas. A $30 US dollar price in and $130+ out is the worry and nerve-racking drive of everyone in home. Almost two sheep/goats for a sack of rice/wheat, but good operating margins for the president and his team in office has became a double blow for every wise person in the country.

The president, parliament, elders and ministers should know what they have taken the oath is nothing but preserving the nation and helping them alleviate from all social hardships. As the matter of fact, the very essence of responsibility sounds like something awkward, every government office and portfolio acts as a one-stop-shop service for those who are responsible. If the government has a single iota of mercy for its nation it has to promptly release the brakes to development, lift ban all kinds of life-stock exportation, adopt tax-free policy on all primary goods imports, adopt a strong commitment to foster effective consumer protection mechanisms and continuous course correction to monitor and control the inflation and inflation-mongers, and hence initiate a productive political and strategic future out-look. If all that fails Somaliland will no longer be a never-never land.

Khaddar Hanan

Posted by Somaliland Time, Hargeysa
Vol. 7 issue 338
Date: July 12 2008

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