Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summertime; the Season for Girls’ Silent Assault!!!

Are you all amazed by the title phrase of this article? Does it seem like a weird and disgusting to frame such stories? Am I inking beyond our cultural sanctity and torn our modest boundaries?

Let me set you straight to answer your presumably mixed questions.

We all know, as the war broke out in Somalia during the late and the early 1980s and 90s respectively, a huge influx of people who are in search for a better life had made their ways into many countries across the world mainly, in Europe, North-America and the Arabian Peninsula. Owing to the above facts, the Somali communities many of whom are of Somaliland & Djibouti origins constitutes a big factor in all these countries. Unlike many communities in the world__ Somali people are said to be absolutely conservative and very much adherent to the peculiar traditions, customs and culture of their country and above all their religion. The solidness of their religious and cultural foundations is what keeps them attached to the situations in their ancestral homelands. The more Somalia revives peace; the more her people abroad come back and enjoy with the beauty of the nature and environment in their country.

Summer time holidays acts as the refreshment, relief and restructuring facility for those who were so long at work to reunite with their beloved ones in their current locations and back home if they are happened to work outside their homeland. It is the time to explore more on the cosmos to spice up the test of their lives and families. In addition to all these, it acts as the mating season for the people at home and in the Diasporas, as most of the year wedding ceremonies are usually scheduled to manipulate in this season. In the summer time, all Horn of Africa inward-outward bound flights are jam-packed with masses of holidayers of all ages; it makes the business market somewhat bullish as they pump their money into it__ for the sake of this; people call the summer time --- the money-time. On the contrary__ I call it as “the season for assaulting girls”, but, why? Allow me to keep this piece of writing confined within Somaliland!!!

On 27th September 2007, I came back home ‘Hargeysa’ after six consecutive years of varsity education to India and had spent a yearlong time in it to refresh myself with the love, passion and pride of my family, friends and the people at large. During the subsequent year ‘2008’, the summer time came with flourishing images and activated the dormant activity of the country, turning the cities almost cosmopolitan with the magnitude of the coming masses from different countries worldwide with variant languages and cultural influences. Among them there are funny young groups retuned for cultural rehabilitations (dhaqan cellis). For my curiosity about knowing the real purpose of many holidaymakers mainly men, I introduced myself to many of them between the ages of 30s-50s, engaged into good conversations. But to my astonishment was while my quest ended up with completely annoying experience far beyond one’s sense of consciousness.

Sorry to use any derogatory words against someone and his profession but, western carpet-baggers, early dropouts, taxi/bus drivers and the other blue colour job doers of North America, Europe and Middle East are the key players in the market at this time. Everyone is running with a bunch of dollars that he could hardly saved, which he couldn’t wait to serve his bad addictions and desires all. Young girls are the most delicate and threatened segment of the society in this summer market, as they are more obsessed about their future.

Where things have gone wrong?

Unemployment, low engagement levels and living conditions below average life-standards are the underlying cause to this catastrophic behaviour imported by the holidayers. What drives the younger generation out of their country through illegal immigrations across the black deep oceans between Europe and Africa are the above mentioned facts based on such future uncertainty that faced the youth in their country. In Somali rich culture the practice of early marriage of the female adolescents below the age of 18 is well prized and honoured, although it is tend to be declining in this contemporary world, where many girls are silently sliding into spinsterhood. It was not so long ago, while promissory marriages were common among the Somali pastoral societies, whereby a marital verbal promise is made at infancy or even childbirth by the parents of the families. Notwithstanding, early marriage obsession among the younger female generations have intricable relations with their strong, yet conservative culture on one hand, but it is what made them like fish in the water on the other. This is because; many of the holidaymakers use their passports to lure the young girls into unsubstantiated marriages__ promising them with taking away from home to their world (Europe/America), but this never be materialized due to the fact that, the guy actually had a wife and children back__ or might be did not want to build any legal family at home or elsewhere. The victim is the beautiful young girl who lost her virginity at the cost of seeking a better life. Hopelessness, destitution and colourless future apprehensions for the girls takes even a bigger grim in the summer aftermath, and that is why today the divorcees below the age of 20s are disturbingly overwhelming in Somaliland and it’s alike in the region.

I would like to conclude this piece of writing with two short statements; one for the men and women for the other.

Mr. Holidayer, please think beyond your bad desires and stop importing waste cultures into our beloved people, please do not crush our modest society beyond irreparable and remember that the girls are just like your sisters and mothers.

My dear sisters, please think twice and stop conforming into the man’s baseless proposals or rushing into the uncertain and dark future. Allaah (SWT) has honoured you more than anyone else could do, you are a priceless jewel that sometimes money cannot buy, remember you are the foundation stone for the entire society.

Allaah (SWT) says in the holly Qur’an “Verily never will Allah change a condition of a people until they change what is within their souls”.

[Surah Ar-Rad verse 11]

Khadar Hannan


Doha, Qatar

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