Sunday, July 5, 2009

Somaliland is Celebrating Yet an Other Hopeful Year of Independence ; the May 18TH 2009.

As Somalia is gaining infamy as a haven of terrorism and sophisticated modern buccaneers, its smaller, developing and peaceful neighbor ( Somaliland ) is still pleading for international recognition. Somaliland “a former British Protectorate State ” reclaimed its independence back after 31 years of painful marriage on 18th May 1991. This May 18th marks the 18th anniversary of the revival of Somaliland . All Somlilanders in and around the world are in a jubilant mood for the commemorations and celebrations of this remarkable national day.

A 3.8 million strong populated country of an area equal to the Britain has single handedly executed free and fair presidential, local councils and parliamentary elections based on multi-party political system. It has its own national currency, security system, portfolios and courts but no place/seat at the United Nations. Owing to the lack of the international recognition the country is not entitled to acquire any loan from the World Bank or the other international community to utilize for its national concerns. Live stock exports constitutes the biggest economic muscle but still suffering from the Gulf ban for what every single Somalilander believes to have meant an indirect suppression for them to keep with the other war tone part (Somalia). Somaliland sustains on only the meager ports, customs and local tax collections but geographically lies in a bed full of untapped natural resources. In fact, it is a young neglected democratic Arabian country in east Africa with a hopeful and promising people.

Here is the bottom line, as Somalia is forcing its way on to the world’s news agenda as a typical failed state, where a new war order has erupted as the Islamic government is in fait with Islamic groups; where power-hunger and civilian blood shed became a daily routine activity but abusive to the religion of Islam which is peace by nature; Somaliland has been eyeing on which country is going to be the pioneer for its recognition, where as the rest of the world would no doubt be the next. Recognition for Somaliland would mean the kick start of prosperity as it has already built the framework where it can move forward.

Somaliland, known as “Africa’s Best Kept Secret” has yet an other hopeful year by extending its hand to the World at large for recognition and support, as this would never open the Pandora’s Box in the world but instead bring a solution to the problems of the east African region. In contrast to the world’s vision on Somaliland and Somalia as a single country most of the somalilanders see it as putting humpty dumpty back together!!! And finally, 18th May mass celebrations across the globe are a direct message to the international community on how Somaliland is committed to be a sovereign state.

Congratulations to you all (Somalilanders) and never turn your ambitions down until that day appears ahead of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khadar Hanan
Doha, Qatar

Posted on Qarannews, Togaherer, and California chronical on the eve of 18th may 2009.

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