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What is the Role for Somaliland in the World Climate Change

Environment is a fundamental factor for the living conditions of all the living things. It is the foundation stone of the human life as we breathe in and out in it. It is an everlasting cosmic pleasure that helps us flow smoothly our daily routine activities. In addition to that__, it is Allah’s endowment to His creatures all. However, the climate deteriorations have touched the world as a whole, but the western countries in particular. Kyoto Protocol was therefore held in Japan and several unanimously agreed pre-emptive measures were made. Many prominent countries worldwide were the official signatories of this environmental pact, although, this issue seems to have been some what polarized later on, as it has created a contentious ecological, economical and political argument not directly but indirectly as well. This is because many countries in the developing world argued that this pact was western orchestrated climate treaty and had nothing to do with their own territories, as they had no remarkable gas emissions, which could hinder the beauty of their climate. On the other hand, many countries have successfully taken drastic measures to implement the pact and successfully minimized their environmental risks.

After almost a decade, the ecological related issues have again caused an international level concern. Washington seat for example, when President Bush experienced that the iceberg in the North Pole is melting down gradually, he launched a global level alarm on the survival of the polar bear and how the change could risk their lives. At this gesture__ many American famous personalities included politicians and other intellectuals have apparently flown with this issue__ where as many more people in the world were of the opinion that this was a politically motivated issue rather than climate concerns__ this is because the war on Iraq is still on and scores of innocent people are to massacre on daily basis on the grounds of so-called sectarianism and terrorism. This could be logic as there was no either a single world thermostat or a clear threat on thermo-nuclear impact that Washington could claim.

Anyhow, ecological related problems are widely acknowledged factor and have their own effect on the world’s living environment. On December 3rd, 2007 a similar international conference on climate change was inaugurated in Indonesia, named as the “United Nations Conference on Climate Change” with 10,000 people participants from 190 countries world wide. Talks were said to have been flown more scientific climate warnings. I am not really going to highlight the key achievements of this conference fostered by the United Nations, but the essence of my article is all about Somaliland’s role in this new world drive by the name “Climate Change”. Climate deterioration is attributed to several forces, but industrial emissions and greenhouse gas effects of developed and developing countries are the major factors. In Somaliland, however, we have no industrial muscle that could risk the climate; perhaps, we have a less number of small-scale industries (SSI) with less environmental effects. Again, we are victims of ecological related problems. One can ask; what is wrong with us since we have no industrial power to pollute the environment. Let me set you straight; we have created our portion by our bare hands. Deforestations and unfairly logging of even wet trees for firewood and charcoal consumptions is the underlying cause of the country’s environmental apprehensions. What forced me into framing this article is not really that I am a professional conservationist, but rather__ am of the view that every citizen has the right to maintain a conventional sense for preserving both environment and atmosphere.
One should not address a problem without finding the solution. The solution towards our environmental problem is quiet simple to be obtained, but mainly lies in the hands of the government and the native business bodies collectively. According to my point of evaluation, the most fanatic measure for tackling this horrible effect is that to adopt logic based environmental policy i.e. transformation of wood energy into gas energy like the other world out do.

The government and businessmen should join their hands together for importing cooking gas from the nearby countries rich with natural gases. Introduction of its consumption might not be a time consuming process, but presumably would take a short span of time, while focused on the major cities in the country. The firewood and charcoal consumptions of Hargeysa for example could be downed by say 60%, while the other major cities like Burao, Barbara, Borama, Erigavo and Las’anot would be revolved around 35%, 20%, 40%, 30%, and 20% respectively in accordance to the easy conformability to the usage of the gass. The other small towns across the country either urban or rural are however not taken into account, as their consumptions are far lesser than of the accounted cities. Fostering an effective Preservation Order, I strongly believe that it would not be far__ seeing the country 100% save from all environmental problems. Finally, I would like to appeal to the government, business personalities and the nation in general to flow this guideline and work side by side on this issue. Turn the key together for environmental preservations and hence grow development.

By: Khadar Abdi Hanan
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Posted on Hormoodnews on December 2007

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